Un'idea deliberativa della democrazia

Book launch

22nd May 2017, at 17.00
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Place: Sala Belli della Provincia autonoma di Trento, Piazza Dante, 15


  • Carlo DaldossCouncilor for territorial cohesion, urban planning, local authorities and PAT housing 


  • Antonio Floridia directs the Electoral Observatory and the "Policy for Participation" sector of the Tuscany Region. He has taught at the Faculty of Political Science of the University of Florence and has been president of the Italian Society of Electoral Studies. Among his publications, "The deliberative democracy: theories, processes, systems" (Carocci, 2012) and the chapter The origins of the deliberative movement within the "Handbook of Oxford of deliberative democracy" (2017).


  • Marco Brunazzo University of Trento



   Jean Monnet  European Centre | University of Trento