Dynamical System Approach to Nonlinear Magnetization Dynamics

18 July 2017
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Venue:  Seminar Room “-1” – Department of Mathematics
Time: 15:00 punctual

  • Speaker: Giorgio Bertotti - INRIM (Istituto Nazionale di Ricerca Metrologica) di Torino

The application of methods of dynamical system theory and bifurcation theory to the study of the solutions of Landau-Lifshitz equation will be discussed. Particular attention will be devoted to the case of nanomagnets with spatially uniform magnetization, driven by time-harmonic external magnetic fields. An overview will be given of a number of strictly interrelated aspects:

  • the interpretation of Landau-Lifshitz dynamics as a nonlinear dynamical system on the unit sphere;
  • the role of symmetry in rotationally invariant systems;
  • the existence of a generalized two-potential formulation of the dynamics;
  • the onset of chaotic heteroclinic-entanglement phenomena when the rotational symmetry is broken;
  • the role of thermal fluctuations in ac-field-assisted magnetization relaxation.

Contact person: Augusto Visintin