Courses on software and soft skills

ONLINE seminars for all DII students

17 June 2024
26 July 2024
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Department of Industrial Engineering

Info and type F credits

Seminars take place online on Zoom. Attendees will receive the link to the Zoom meeting by mail. Attendance is checked for each seminar.
To obtain 1 type F credit students are required to take part in at least 2 courses and pass both final tests.
Students who already attended the cycle in the past years will receive the credit only if they attend different courses.


The participation is open to all students of the Department.
Register online to the courses with your UNITN credentials. Registrations open Monday May 20. Please check the registration deadline for each seminar. 

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Upcoming events

25 July 2024, 26 July 2024

Past events

20 June 2024, 21 June 2024
24 June 2024, 25 June 2024
27 June 2024, 28 June 2024
15 July 2024, 16 July 2024