Nightmare web: fake news, deepfake and cyberbullying

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10 February 2021
February 10, 2021

The event is aimed at all Alumni and students of the University of Trento and takes place online on the Zoom platform. The link will only be sent to those who register online


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Giulia Boato

Giulia Boato was born in Rovereto in 1979. She holds a degree in mathematics (2002) and a research doctorate from the international doctoral school in ICT (2005) at the University of Trento. After a period of research at the University of Vigo (Spain) she became a researcher at the Department of Information Engineering and Information Science (DISI) of the University of Trento where she is now an associate professor. You have spent various research periods abroad - Tampere (Finland), Delft (Holland), Innsbruck (Austria) - during which you were able to strengthen important international collaborations on the subject of multimedia data security.
He coordinates the research group on the forensic analysis of multimedia data within the DISI Media Lab, currently involved in the Darpa UNCHAINED project "Uncovering media manipulation chains through container and content detectable traces" (2020-2022) and in the PRIN PREMIER project " Preserving media trustworthiness in the artificial intelligence era "(2020-2023). She is the author of over 120 articles published in international conferences and journals.

Andrea Di Nicola

Andrea Di Nicola graduated in Law in Trento. He is an associate professor at the UniTrento Faculty of Law where he teaches Criminology and Urban Security: legal and criminological issues.

Michele Facci

Michele Facci, Psychologist and Psychotherapist, Expert and Technical Consultant of the Court of Trento, Director of the Divulgative Psychology Series for Reverdito Editore. Specialized in Developmental and Adolescent Psychotherapy with a Clinical and Forensic Psychodiagnostic approach, with a Cognitive-Behavioral approach at the Academy of Behavioral Sciences (AcaBS) of Brescia, he is the author of numerous publications on the dangers of the internet. He often intervenes in the main national media, author for


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