UniTrento Choir and Orchestra in Concert

7 April 2022
Start time 
9:00 pm
Sanbapolis Theatre, via della Malpensada, Trento
Target audience: 
Free – Registration required
Contact person: 
Marco Gozzi

The program opens with a touching Ukrainian song, in solidarity with Ukrainian citizens under attack from Russia, and continues with a musical journey across the world with music from different countries.

If a people is alive, they sing.

In songs, a people remember who they are, their past and express their hope for the future. Today we sing less and less, and when we sing we do not sing about our life, our history as a community, our cultural and social identity, we repeat songs by superstars that have been crafted by the music industry.

The songs and instrumental pieces that we present invite listeners to reflect on the simplicity and human creativity that generated them. They tell about everyday life, simple things, hope.

The choir and orchestra of the University of Trento want to keep this hope alive through music, in a world that seems to have lost its way.


For Ukraine

Denys Sichynsky, Pisne moia ((My song - Ukraine)


  • Camillo Moser, Le Dolomiti (lyrics by Italo Varner), Trento, 1965
  • Menegina (El pù bel nom), words and melody by Pieder Tomas Scaramuzza, Cles (1818-1883), re-edited by Luigi Pigarelli
  • Antonin Dvorak (1841-1904), Poiché le stelle (n. 1 di V prirode, op. 63, 1882). Text by Giovanni Prati from Sogni d 'amore
  • Serenada a Castel Toblin (harmonized by Luigi Pigarelli)

The world

  • Tielman Susato, Three dances (instrumental)
  • Peter Warlock, Basse dance (instrumental)
  • Amazing Grace, traditional (instrumental)
  • Ya se va, traditional Chilean song
  • Juan Manuel Serrat (Barcelona, 1943), Cantares, lyrics by Antonio Machado, harmonized by Liliana Cangiano (1991) 
  • Siyahamba (traditional African song)
  • Ein Prosit, traditional Bavarian-Tyrolean song harmonized for four voices.

Let's play and sing!

  • Nicola Piovani, La vita è bella (instrumental) 
  • Frank Ticheli, Dance from "Simple Gift" (instrumental)
  • Frederick Loewe, Alan Jay Lerner, I Could Have Danced All Night da My Fair Lady (instrumental quintet)
  • John Philip Sousa, Washington Post (instrumental) 
  • Giuseppe De Marzi (Arzignano, 1935), Signore delle cime, 1958
  • Antonin Dvorak, Danziamo e cantiamo (n. 5 di V prirode, op. 63, 1882). Translation from Czech by Gisella Mingati, rhythmic version by Marco Gozzi
  • Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Oh, quant’è bello
  • Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Viva il canto spumeggiante, titolo originale: O du eselhafter Peierl, Vierstimmiger Kanon KV 560a (Wien, ca. 1786), with the UniTrento orchestra
  • Georg Friedrich Händel, Halleluja dall'Oratorio Messiah (HWV 56, Parte seconda, n. 44), with the UniTrento orchestra

Event organized in collaboration with Opera Universitaria and Centro Servizi Culturali Santa Chiara.