Conference / Meeting

Geografie e parole in movimento

6 October 2023
Start time 
3:00 pm
Palazzo di Giurisprudenza - Via Verdi 53, Trento
Room 6
Equity and Diversity Office
Target audience: 
UniTrento students
Free – Registration required
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Ufficio Equità e Diversità

Geografie in movimento

•    Speaker: Angela Alaimo 

Parole del movimento

•    Speaker: Donata Borgonovo Re

Angela Alaimo short bioAngela Alaimo is a geographer and currently teaches Italian and history in the "Geoclil" curriculum in middle school in Rovereto. She earned a PhD from the University of Padova in geography of globalization. She then held postdoc positions at the universities of Trento and Verona. In her studies and career she has focused on cultural geography, the mobility of people and businesses, and contemporary cosmopolitanism through qualitative field research. She teaches geography to contribute to the dissemination of geographical knowledge.

Donata Borgonovo Re short bio
Donata Borgonovo Re is professor of Migration Law at the Faculty of Law of the University of Trento since 2018-2019 and in the Master's Degree "Competenze interculturali e integrazione dei Minori" at Università Cattolica in Milan. Since 2020-2021 she is the coordinator of the SuXr Project.

All students enrolled at the University of Trento are welcome to participate. 
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