Conference / Meeting

Repertori e competenze linguistiche dei rifugiati e delle rifugiate

24 November 2023
Start time 
3:00 pm
Palazzo di Giurisprudenza - Via Verdi 53, Trento
Aula 6
Ufficio Equità e Diversità
Target audience: 
UniTrento students
Free – Registration required
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Ufficio Equità e Diversità
  • Speaker: Patrizia Cordin
  • Speaker: Lorenzo Toniolo

Representatives of the organization participating in the project will take the floor after the speakers:

Patrizia Cordin short bio
Patrizia Cordin is a senior Lecturer in General Linguistics at the Department of Humanities of the University of Trento, and the Director of 'Bilinguismo conta', a centre affiliated with the international network 'Bilingualism matters', which has its headquarters at the University of Edinburgh. She is part of the scientific committee of the training course for Ladin language teachers ANTROPOLAD. Her research interests focus on multilingualism, linguistic variation and language contact. She conducts research on these topics combining local languages, historical minority languages, recent minority languages and standard languages.

Lorenzo Toniolo short bio
Lorenzo Toniolo is a former student of the University of Trento. He graduated with a thesis on the linguistic repertoires of asylum seekers, based on a study he conducted involving a community project at Centro Astalli in Trento. His research interests lie in syntax and linguistic variation. He has worked in the migrant reception sector and currently is an L2 Italian teacher.

All students enrolled at the University of Trento are welcome to participate. 
For organizational purposes, please register within 2 days of each event by filling in the appropriate online registration form. 

The event will be held in Italian.

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