Exponential Technologies

Fasten your seatbelt

8 May 2017
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What are Exponential Technologies? How will they impact society and our future? How should we face deriving changes and drive it in the right direction?

An immersive workshop organised by Impactscool will allow you to jump into future scenarios and have the chance to discuss them together. 


Andrea Dusi 
serial businessman; in 2006, with Cristina Pozzi, he co-founded Wish Days, of which he was president and managing director until 2016, when the company was sold. 
He has 7 year experience as strategy consultant and is the co-founder of Impactscool, an organization whose objective is to raise awareness on the impact that exponential technologies are going to have on society.

Cristina Pozzi
co-founder of Impactscool, an open organization whose goal is to educate students, in universities and in other settings, about the impact of new technologies and their social, moral and ethical implications.
She works as a consultant and angel investor for several Italian and international startups.


  • Alessandro Rossi alessandro.rossi [at] unitn.it
  • Gloria Cannone gloria.cannone [at] unitn.it
  • Cristina Pozzi cristina [at] impactscool.com
  • Andrea Dusi andrea [at] impactscool.com