Innovation Olympics

With Marangoni and MEC

February 20, 2018
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The University of Trento, partnering with IXL Boston and in collaboration with Associazione Inama, is proud to launch the fifth edition of the Innovation Olympics (IO). We have very exciting Innovation Challenges from: Marangoni Spa - MEC.

If you want to be part of this unique experience please apply here by February 27.

Students will be selected based on their expertise and interests. If you want to upload a video in the dedicated area, this will be an advantage: just convince us that you are the best candidate for the Innovation Olympics!

We will present the Innovation Olympics on Tuesday, February 20:

  • POVO 1, h.13, Room Ofek
  • Department of Economics and Management, h.15, Room 3G

On the same day (February 20 at 18.30, Fondazione Caritro, via Calepina), we will also celebrate past editions of the IO, award the GIMI certification to IO winners, and meet with companies.

A representative from Marangoni Spa will give a speech on their expectations from the next round of IO.

More info

roberto.napoli [at]