Intelligence meets the University

The conference is targeted to UniTrento students

21 aprile 2015
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At 3.30 pm - 5.30 pm
Venue: Auditorium - Department of Humanities of UniTrento, via Tommaso Gar, 14 - Trento

Online registration is compulsory. You can register by 17 April 2015, at noon.
Participants will be allowed into the conference venue until 3.10 pm, due to organisational reasons.
Considering that the number of currently registered participants has exceeded the Auditorium available seats, an additional room has been arranged where participants will attend the meeting in videoconference.
Participants will be arranged in the two rooms (Auditorium and Room 007) according to their order of arrival.
Participants are recommended to be on time.

Why does intelligence interact with the university thus moving out of the shadow? Because opacity generates distorted images and sterotypes. Because the “secrecy” marking the intelligence activity is due to the need to protect people and operations, and is not a synonym of “mystery”. Because the protection of the scientific interests of Italy belongs to the mission of the Department for Information on Safety. In 2007 the Italian intelligence was reorganised, with the creation of the Information System for the Safety of the Republic of Italy. The Department for Information on Safety coordinates the entire activity of intelligence in Italy. One of its tasks is to promote and disseminate the culture of safety.

The complexity of our times, when safety threats in Italy are increasingly fluid, interconnected and non-dependent on the territory, led to a significant evolution of the concept of national safety, hence the need of the Department for Information on Safety to interact with the civil society.

We therefore prepared a plan to make the Department for Information on Safety dialogue with the external actors, within an innovative process of cultural elaboration and dissemination.

The University plays a central role, being a privileged source of skilled people needed by the intelligence to face the new challenges. It is the incubator of the future Italian political class, which shall actively contribute to the protection of the national safety, both in the public and in the private sectors. The university is also the “container” of the academic excellences capable to contribute to the enhancement of the knowledge and the capacity to analyse topics of strategic importance. Finally, it is the right environment to foster synergies between the Department for Information on Safety and the other actors of the sector in Italy, aiming at the protection of the national safety.

Opening greetings
  • Professor Paolo Collini, Rector of the University of Trento
  • Professor Giuseppe Nesi, Dean of the Faculty of Law
Emerging threats in Italy
  • National security at the time of the sovereign funds
    Professor Antonino Alì, Professor of International Law
  • Dark markets: how to penetrate and study the markets where cyber attacks and cyber victims are sold
    Professor Fabio Massacci, Professor of Information Processing Systems
  • The Role of Intelligence
    Senator Marco Minniti, Vice Secretary of the Presidency of the Council of Ministers, Authority Delegated for the Safety of Italy
Intelligence... let’s get to know it better
  • Fundamentals of the information function
    Mr. Bruno Valensise, Director of the Training Centre - Information System for the Safety in Italy
  • Communicate the secret
    Mr. Paolo Scotto di Castelbianco, Coordinator of the Institutional Communications - Department for Information on Safety