Seminar on writing a scientific or technical thesis in english

For bachelor students
2 July 2019
2 July 2019

Luogo: room A107 - Polo Ferrari 1, Via Sommarive, 5 - Povo (TN)

Ore: dalle 14.00 alle 16.30

  • Speaker: Dmytro Toporets, National Aerospace University, Ukraine

Professor  Dmytro Toporets from the National Aerospace University (Ukraine) will discuss not only the organizing part of the thesis’ structure in different paragraphs, but he will also provide you with suggestions on what grammatical structures and vocabulary to prefer in order to write in a correct and formal style.

This seminar represents a beneficial chance to improve your English knowledge as well as to enhance your writing skills.

Kindly confirm your presence at: cla [at]