Inauguration of the academic year 2019-2020

***Postponed Event***

3 March 2020
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***Postponed Event***

Venue: Paolo Prodi Building – Auditorium, via Tommaso Gar, 14 – Trento
At 11.00


Entry of the academic procession

 Italian national anthem

Report by the Rector, Paolo Collini 

Address by the President of the Board of Directors, Daniele Finocchiaro 

Address by the Director General, Alex Pellacani 

Address by the President of the Student Council, Edoardo Meneghini 

Farewell to faculty and staff members who retired in 2019

♪ Cantares (music by Joan Manuel Serrat, words by Antonio Machado) 

Inaugural address by Luciano Floridi, director of the Digital Ethics Lab of the Oxford Internet Institute 
A che serve la conoscenza teorica?” (The purpose of theoretical knowledge)

Address by the Minister of Universities and research “Le direzioni di rilancio delle politiche universitarie” (Renewing university policies)

 Anthem of Europe

Exit of the academic procession



A sign language interpreter will be present during the event (provided by the Trento branch of the Italian Association of the Deaf-ENS).

All guests must be seated by 10.45 (limited seating).

Musical interludes will be performed by the University Choir and Orchestra.

For information
Executive office of the Rector, the President of the Board of Directors, the Director General
via Calepina, 14 – Trento
tel. 0461 281121
inaugurazione-unitrento [at]


Picture: Sala dello Zodiaco, Palazzo Sardagna - home to the Rectorate of the University of Trento
Supplied by the photolibrary of Centro di Catalogazione del patrimonio storico artistico e popolare Soprintendenza per i beni culturali - Autonomous Province of Trento
Photo by Agenzia Gianni Zotta, July 2013