POSTPONED – a new date will be communicated as soon as possible

4 March 2020
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POSTPONED – a new date will be communicated as soon as possible

Venue: University building Povo 1, via Sommarive 5, Trento 

Brain research is growing extremely fast on a variety of levels: from single molecules to cells, from neurons to networks, from perception to behaviour, from tiny animals to humans. Inspired by the brain, complex systems are used to model such different phenomena as climate, organisms, brain, energy infrastructure, transportation or communication systems, social and economic organizations, ecosystems, …. Moreover, artificial neural networks, machine learning, and artificial intelligence are all based on knowledge of the network dynamics.

To face these challenges a strategic project started at UniTrento and other Trentino research centres: the BRANDY project

The scientists and engineers working in BRANDY want to share their excitement and passions with you and have organized the 1st BRANDY Open Day.

Target audience:

Bachelor and Master's students in physics, biology, informatics, computer science, etc. interested to study in one of these fields, University faculty interested in collaborations on those subjects.


13.00 – Free pizza 

13.30 – Introductory talk:

14.30 – BRANDY Lab Fair:

  • Neuromorphic Photonics and the Brain (DF)
  • Neurophysics (CIMeC/DF)
  • Uri  (CIMeC)
  • Nonlinear dynamics across brains and electronic systems (CIMeC)
  • Multimedia and Human Understanding (DISI)
  • Marco Canossa (CIBIO)
  • NeuroInformatics Laboratory (NILab)(FBK)
  • Human Brain Structure and Dynamics with MRI(CIMeC/UniTn)

16.00 – Examples of study plans for the different Master courses at the University of Trento to engage in these research fields


Participation is free: online registration 

For any further information contact: brandyopenday [at]