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Science at 6 - Drinks and talk

February-April 2020
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Wednesday 22 April, at 18.00

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  • Si mangiava meglio quando si stava peggio? Stories, curious facts and new myths on what we eat

Some say that we should eat like our ancestors did in the stone age, or as centuries ago: more fruit and vegetables, less salt, less sugar, no fats. But is it true that things were better in the past? Now, more than 50% of the population is overweight, almost 20% is obese. Obesity is a threat to health and wellbeing in our region. Should we look back and re-discover some old habits about food, taking advantage of the precious knowledge that we have learned? An opportunity to find out together some curious facts and myths on what we eat with researchers.


  • Francesca Fava, researcher in Nutrition and nutrigenomics (FEM)
  • Claudio Ferlan, researcher in History of nutrition (FBK)

Moderator: Anna Eriksson

Full programme

Thursday, 27 February (CANCELLED)

  • Quando il bullismo è cyber 

Cyberbullying and digital violence: problems and solutions.
With E. M. Piras (FBK), G. Baratto and O. Facchinetti (UniTrento)

Thursday, 12 March (CANCELLED)

  • Cosa ti sei messo in testa?!

All the things that we don't know on the brain.
With E. Olivetti (FBK) and L. Cattaneo (UniTrento)

Thursday, 26 March (CANCELLED)

  • Si mangiava meglio quando si stava peggio?

Stories, curious facts and new myths on what we eat.
With F. Fava (FEM) and C. Ferlan (FBK)

Tuesday, 7 April (CANCELLED)

  • Hai detto "Quantistico"?

The ambitious horizons of quantum technologies.
With A. Bernardi (UniTrento) and M. Bernard (FBK)

Wednesday 22 April (live streaming at 18.00)

  • Si mangiava meglio quando si stava peggio? 

Stories, curious facts and new myths on what we eat
With Francesca Fava (FEM) and Claudio Ferlan (FBK)

Thursday, 23 April (CANCELLED)

  • Sempre più verde, sempre più tech

Drones and vibrations: high technology for the environment.
With C. Casarotto (MUSE) and V. Mazzoni (FEM)


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