Energy day

Annual ERiCSol Workshop – CANCELLED EVENT

6 March 2020
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At 14.00
Where: Polo Ferrari 1, Povo – Aula B105

EriCSol is a University strategic project focused on renewable energy and solar fuels: citizens, students, local companies, organizations and policymakers are invited to attend its annual workshop, organized by the departments of Physics, Economics and Management, CIBIO, Civil, Environmental and Mechanical Engineering, and Industrial Engineering.


14.00 – Welcome address

  • Paolo Collini, Rector of the University of Trento

14.20 – Lectio Magistralis: Materiali intelligenti per l’odierna sfida energetica (Smart materials for the energy challenges of today)

  • Paolo Fornasiero, University of Trieste

The dignity and quality of human life call for a fair distribution and management of energy. Catalytic materials are crucial in present and future devices that generate, convert and use energy. In this context, the role of nanotechnologies is increasingly important, because they make it possible to implement sustainable and efficient processes. The speakers will present case studies on nanoengineered materials that are used for cleaner methane emissions, for the photocatalytic water dissociation in hydrogen as an energy vector, for the production of chemicals and reagents, the conversion of CO2 in chemicals and for a better use of biomass.

15.30 – Valorizzazione sostenibile di biomasse residuali: processi idrotermici a energia solare (Sustainable use of waste biomass: solar energy hydrothermal processes)

  • Giulia Ischia, Department of Civil, Environmental and Mechanical Engineering, University of Trento

16.00 – Coffee break

16.30 – Nanomateriali per trattamenti solari di acque reflue (Nanomaterials for the solar treatment of waste water)

  • Murilo Fendrich, Department of Industrial Engineering, University of Trento

17.00 – Scariche elettriche pulsate per la dissociazione della CO2 (Pulsed discharges for CO2 dissociation)

  • Matteo Ceppelli, Department of Physics, University of Trento

17.30 – Ottimizzazione di simulazioni meteorologiche per parchi eolici in ambiente montano (Optimizing weather simulations for wind farms in mountain areas)

  • Federica Ive, Department of Civil, Environmental and Mechanical Engineering, University of Trento


Scientific Committee: 

  • Luca Fiori, Department of Civil, Environmental and Mechanical Engineering
  • Antonio Miotello, Department of Physics
  • Vincenzo Sglavo, Department of Industrial Engineering
  • Paolo Tosi, Department of Physics
  • Dino Zardi, Department of Civil, Environmental and Mechanical Engineering
  • Graziano Coller, Department of Economics and Management
  • Alberto Quaranta, Department of Industrial Engineering
  • Michele Orlandi, Department of Physics