Conference / Meeting

Fourth edition of the School of Innovation (SoI): online presentation

15 September 2021
Start time 
6:00 pm
Target audience: 
UniTrento students
Online – Registration required

The SoI innovative extracurricular program equips students with transversal and multidisciplinary skills which are very relevant in the business world nowadays. You will understand the crucial role of innovation in our life and learn how to master the most useful tools to critically assess the surrounding environment.

What happens at SoI
You will meet professionals, mentors, professors and managers and interact with them on hot topics related to innovation and entrepreneurship.
You can participate in our challenges and see how you function in a high-pressure game where you will help institutions identify and tackle the emerging trends in order to be successful.
You will mix with students from all disciplines and different countries of the ECIU network, a group of 11 European Universities where the aim is to apply innovative teaching and learning.
How does it work?
You can either select a personalized package of courses and/or challenges based on your interests and be a “SoI free mover”.
Or you can aim at the SoI Innovation Certificate by collecting 12 ECTS within one year.
Either way, join our presentation and learn more.

Innovation Certificate
The final Innovation Certificate is a strong plus in your curriculum and it is highly valued by domestic and international recruiters!

Application and selection
The application is now open and will close on the 26th of September 2021.
Read the requirements and apply to the first Italian School of Innovation!
Apply for SoI