Stratification and therapeutic potential of molecular pathways driving cancer aggressiveness

April 28th 2017
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Venue: Edificio Povo 2, via Sommarive nr. 9, Povo (Tn) - Room B105
 At 2:00 p.m.

  • Giannino Del Sal - Molecular Oncology Unit, Laboratorio Nazionale CIB (LNCIB), Area Science Park, Department of Life Sciences, University of Trieste, Italy 

Detailed molecular characterization of tumours and tumor microenvironment is enabling the development of an increasing number of tailored therapies or drug combinations to improve outcomes and decrease toxicity. However, there are numerous challenges that need to be overcome while and before realizing the promise of molecularly targeted treatments against cancer. Three examples will be provided on how to face with and go beyond limitations.