October 30th 2018
Versione stampabile

Venue: Edificio Povo 2, via Sommarive nr. 9, Povo (Tn) - Room B102
 At 2.30 p.m.

  • Laura Beloff - University of Copenhagen

Curiosity is claimed to be the driving force behind sciences (Nowotny et al. 2008). It is also one of the permanent allies that guides developments in the experimental arts. While curiosity drives our interests and investigations, it is also typically coupled with uncertainty and risk. According to Nowotny uncertaintyin society arises from an oversupply of knowledge, which is a product of science. 
The talk will ask e.g. how do experimental artistic practices that are (sometimes) coupled with science deal with uncertainty? What kind of premises should be provided for artistic practices with/in sciences?
The talk will look into the field of art & science through few keywords: curiosity, uncertainty, liminal space, criticality... The presentation’s premise is that we should not push only the limits of art but the limits of science and societal expectations.
I will present selection of my art works/projects, as well as the talk aims to give glues for the questions I have encountered in the last days – Why am I visiting Trento lab – What is the goal? What are my interests in sciences as an artist?