Antigene oligonucleotides as new personalized DNA drugs

November 29th 2018
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Venue: Edificio Povo 2, via Sommarive nr. 9, Povo (Tn) - Room B104

Time: 2.00 p.m.

Roberto Tonelli Department of Pharmacy and Biotechnology-University of Bologna and BIOGENERA srl.

BIOGENERA SpA has developed the unique and highly innovative MyGenerat biotechnology platform for the rapid creation and development of new personalized DNA drugs, based on an approach that acts directly at the level of genes, in a highly specific and selective way. The methodology is based on the use of powerful anti-gene oligonucleotides that act directly at the level of individual target genes by blocking transcription.The first field of application of this new therapeutic approach is oncology, in which the research activities have already led to the identification and development of the anti-MYCN BGA002 drug, specific for the treatment of incurable pediatric tumors.This drug, has already obtained the Orphan Drug designation for the treatment of Neuroblastoma (the most deadly pediatric tumor) by the EMA and the FDA, for the treatment of the soft Tissue Sarcomas (by EMA) and for the treatment of the Small Cell Lung Cancer (by FDA).The main objective of BIOGENERA is the clinical development of the drug that will lead to the treatment of incurable pediatric tumors. In addition, the drug has also proved effective for the treatment of some very aggressive adult tumors.Moreover, through the MyGeneratm biotechnology platform for the creation of new drugs, BIOGENERA is expanding its pipeline of potential drugs and implementing new lines of research for the treatment of other incurable tumors and other diseases with a strong medical need, including genetic and neurodegenerative diseases.