In vivo live imagingthe earliest events during tumour initiation

Cibio Seminar

6th December 2019
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Venue: Polo Ferrari 2, via Sommarive 9 (Povo) – Room B105
Time: 13:00


  • Yi Feng - MRC Centre for Inflammation Research, Queen'sMedical Research Institute University of Edinburgh, Edinburgh, UK


My lab uses zebrafish models of tumour initiation toinvestigate the earliest events during the development of cancer and ultimatelywe wish to develop strategies for cancer prevention. One of our researchinterests has been the use of in vivo live imaging and genetic manipulationapproaches to dissect mechanisms that modulate the interaction between thepre-neoplastic cell (PNC) and the host innate immune system. I will be talkingabout how activation of the NFkB pathway modulates PNC host interaction and howhost innate immune cells breach the basement membrane to promote PNC growth.