High-throughput LC-MS based lipidomics and metabolomics: how to transform data into knowledge?

Cibio Seminar

14th January 2020
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Date&Time: 14th January 2020 - h. 2:00 pm
Location: Via Sommarive 9 - Polo Ferrari 2 (Povo, TN) - Room B103

Laura Goracci
University of Perugia

Lipid impairment can occur in the pathophysiology of diseases including diabetes, obesity, heart diseases, or neurodegenerative diseases. Consequently, lipidomics represents an emerging field with the aim of unravelling diagnostic biomarkers, new drug targets, and of rationalizing toxicity effects.
Analytical techniques, such as high resolution mass spectrometry, have progressed moving interest from targeted to untargeted approaches and, nowadays, large datasets are easily generated through high-throughput screenings. However, the transformation of the collected data into information and information into knowledge is still challenging, and tailored software solutions are needed to reach this goal. To this aim, we recently developed Lipostar, a vendor-neutral high-throughput software to support targeted and untargeted LC-MS lipidomics and metabolomics. In this presentation, different strategies to run lipidomics and metabolomics analysis are summarized, and in silico solutions for data analysis are discussed.