Micro-managing heart failure

Cibio Seminar

20th December 2019
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Date&Time: 20th December 2019 - h. 9:00 am
Location: Via Sommarive 5 - Polo Ferrari 1 (Povo, TN) - Room A220

Leon de Windt
professor of Molecular Cardiovascular Biology, Maastricht University - The Netherlands

Leon de Windt is professor of Molecular Cardiovascular Biology at Maastricht University and his research aims to understand how programs of cellular differentiation and morphogenesis are affected in the processes leading to heart failure. Chronic heart failure is a progressive disorder of the heart muscle that affects all vital organs, ultimately resulting in loss in quality of life, frequent hospitalizations and a reduced life span. His ultimate goal is to dissect the genomic pathways of heart disease and transform this information to devise the next generation of pharmacological therapies for acquired heart disease in humans.