CIBIO - PhD Colloquia


6 may, 2020
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Time: 2:00 pm

This is a series of seminars given by top experts in different fields covering almost all the areas of the PhD program. Each colloquium is a friendly forum where students can learn how to communicate and critically evaluate science. Additionally, it is an opportunity to discuss ongoing research in an informal atmosphere and obtain valuable feedbacks from the experts.

PhD Colloquia bring together young scientists, senior scientists and students in a colloquial setting, encouraging interactions and exchanges of ideas.



  • The Biology of Mammalian PrionsAdriano Aguzzi, Institute of Neuropathology, University Hospital Zurich​ -  CANCELED

Transmissible spongiform encephalopathies (TSEs) are neurodegenerative diseases of humans and many animal species caused by prions. The main constituent of prions is PrPSc, an aggregated moiety of the host-derived membrane glycolipoprotein PrPC . Prions were found to encipher many phenotypic, genetically stable TSE variants. The latter is very surprising, since PrPC is encoded by the host genome and all prion strains share the same amino acid sequence. Here I will review what is known about the infectivity, the neurotoxicity, and the neuroinvasiveness of prions. Also, I will explain why I regard the prion strain question as a fascinating challenge – with implications that go well beyond prion science. Finally, I will report some recent results obtained in my laboratory, which is attempting to address the strain question and some other basic issues of prion biology with a “systems” approach that utilizes organic chemistry, photophysics, proteomics, and mouse transgenesis.  


Wednesday, June 17 

  • DNA damage response in cancerMarco Foiani, Principal investigator of Genome integrity lab and Scientific Director of IFOM, Milano

Date and location to be defined according to the provisions of the DPCM Covid-19

  • Glioblastoma Biology, Alessandro Perin, Professor in Molecular Neuro-oncology at University of Trieste and scientific director of Besta NeuroSim Center, Milano

  • Structural Biology, Peter Cherepanov, Principal Investigator of Chromatin Structure and mobile DNA Laboratory, Francis Crick Institute, London

  • Molecular biology of the pediatric tumour Neuroblastoma, Rogier Versteeg, Principal investigator of the Neuroblastoma Research Group, Department of Human Genetics of Amsterdam University Medical Center, Amsterdam

    Organized by PhD students enrolled in cycle 33rd


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