DNA-Encoded Libraries in Drug Discovery: Recent advances in Screening and Chemistry Methods.

Core Facility Webinar - postponed to Monday 15 June, 2.30 pm.

15 June, 2020
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Date: 15 June, 2020
Time: 2.30 pm  


  • Alexander L. Satz,  DNA Encoded Library Platform, Cambridge   


DNA-Encoded library (DEL) technology is a screening platform used throughout the pharmaceutical industry to discover novel chemical matter that modulates the activity of protein targets. However, DEL has some limitations. Firstly, DELs can generally only be interrogated via affinity binding screens. To overcome this limitiation, we demonstrate how to conduct a droplet-based biochemical DEL screen. Secondly, library chemical diversity is limited because chemistries used to construct the libraries must be DNA-compatible. We present new methods to access desired chemical space. Lastly, we will share the concept of self-service DELs, so that academic labs can readily gain access to DEL screening.