The Journey of a Lifetime

23 November 2022, h. 04:30
23 November 2022
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4:30 am
Ex Manifattura - Piazza della Manifattura 1, Rovereto
ACN Lab, Seminar Room, 2nd Floor
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University community
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Grazia Gambardella
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Giuseppe Petruzzelli - Playwright, author, director and actor, Teatro Nazionale di Genova

There are no points of arrival, but eternal restarts where the only purpose of life is the path. In these years I have always seen myself in the poem Ithaca by Costantino Kavafis:

“Itaca t’ha donato il bel viaggio.
Senza di lei non ti mettevi in via.
Nulla ha da darti più.
E se la trovi povera, Itaca non t’ha illuso.
Reduce così saggio, così esperto,
avrai capito cosa vuol dire un’Itaca.”

So I travelled all over the Mediterranean, touching first-hand the wars and splendours of the countries that surround it.
I have travelled through the culture of the Rom people: a world of which everyone speaks but which nobody knows.
I traveled inland Italy to know the work, the fatigue, the sweat of those who from a stingy soil snatches survival and excellence.
I traveled to our roots through World War II concentration camps.
I traveled in Plant Biology to listen to the voice of the trees and to hear their point of view on our action towards the Environment.
All these trips traced the path of my theater. A theater made of words that try to create images of thought capable of transporting every viewer into the worlds I have lived and talked about.

Host: prof. Giorgio Vallortigara, CIMeC

It is also possible to connect remotely via  a ZOOM link, to ask for the link and passcode, please write to grazia.gambardella [at]

Remember to respect a 1 MT. SAFETY DISTANCE, otherwise you are recommended to wear the SAFETY MASK.