Epilepsy and epileptogenesis: a seminar

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26 January 2023
Start time 
3:00 pm
Palazzo Consolati - Via S. Maria Maddalena 1, Trento
Room 101
CISMed - Center for Medical Sciences
Target audience: 
UniTrento staff
UniTrento students
Free – Registration required


Dr. Anna Rosati - AOU Meyer - Firenze (Head of Struttura Semplice IntraSOC Clinical Neuropharmacology)

"Lo stato epilettico: un meccanismo fisiopatogenetico, molte eziologie. Quanti e quali trattamenti?"

There is general consensus regarding first- and second-line treatments for status epilepticus, while at the moment there is no evidence nor consensus on the optimal choice of therapy for refractory status epilepticus. The seminar will offer an overview of status epilepticus from experimental models to new therapeutic options. 

Professor Yuri Bozzi - Center for Mind/Brain Sciences - CIMEC - University of Trento

“Epilessia e disturbi neurologici dello sviluppo: cause genetiche e orizzonti terapeutici"

This seminar will focus on some forms of epilepsy associated with neurodevelopmental disorders. Drawing on results obtained in animal models, we will explore the genetic mechanisms of these diseases and the implications of this knowledge in the development of new therapies. 


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