Democracy in the Construction of Europe: achievements, constraints and limits, 1969-1992

International Workshop

4-5 October 2019
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Venue: Paolo Prodi Building, Via Tomaso Gar, 14 (Trento) -  Room 421, 4th Floor


Day 1, 4 October

15:00-15:30: Sara Lorenzini (University of Trento) and Umberto Tulli (University of Trento)

  • Introductory remarks and presentation of the Jean Monnet Project “DICE: Democracy in the Construction of Europe”

15:30-16:20: Mark Gilbert (Johns Hopkins University – SAIS)

  • Survival, Consolidation and Innovation: The European Community 1969—1984

16:20-16:45: coffee break

16:45-18:00 Roundtable discussion

Day 2, 5 October


  • First session: Lucrezia Ranieri (University of Tuscia);  Christian Salm (European Parliament Research Service, Brussels). Comments and remarks by Lorenzo Mechi (University of Padova) 

10:20-10:40: coffee break


  • Second session: Eva Christina Müller-Praefcke (University of Rome, “La Sapienza”); Benedetto Zaccaria (Ca’ Foscari University of Venezia). Comments and remarks by Lorenzo Mechi (University of Padova)


Comitato Scientifico: Sara Lorenzini, Umberto Tulli