Introduction to power analysis

PhD in Cognitive Science
2 December 2021
16 December 2021
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11:00 am
Palazzo Fedrigotti - Corso Bettini 31, Rovereto
Sala Convegni - 1 piano
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University community
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1 December 2021, 12:00
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Segreteria del Dottorato


The lesson of Thursday 16th December at 15:00 will be held via zoom


  • Janet Geipel - University of Chicago (USA)

Scientific Coordinator: Maria Paola Paladino


In this lesson, I will address Open Science practices. For many students, following such practices before starting collecting data appears to be cumbersome and time consuming. However, I will claim that following Open Science practices is not only fundamental for increasing the transparency and credibility of your research, but also that it can help you organize your research project and save time. We will go over the basics of power analyses and how to select your sample size. You will learn what power means, why it is important to conduct power analyses, as well as how to perform them using freely available programs such as jamovi and G*Power. At the end of this lesson, I expect students to be able to conduct power analyses and make a habit of following Open Practices in their research