Conference / Meeting

Il benessere di mamma e papà? È anche il mio

19 November 2022
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2:00 pm
Palazzo Piomarta - Corso Bettini 84, Rovereto
Aula Magna
Department of Psychology and Cognitive Science
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Reservation required
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Department of Psychology and Cognitive Science

The importance of parents' well-being for children's well-being. Is it possible to satisfy all family needs? And what does it mean today to be parents or children? The meeting aims to map the consequences that family roles and the different phases of life have on our mental well-being. 

The discussion tables for parents and children and the final overview are supervised by Arianna Bentenuto, Simona De Falco and Laura Franchin of the Department of Psychology and Cognitive Science.

A babysitting service will be provided for children aged 3 to 12.

In collaboration with:

Comune di Rovereto