Registered Reports: Concept and Application

PhD Workshop

14 November 2019
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Venue: Conference Room – Palazzo Fedrigotti - Corso Bettini, 31 - Rovereto
Time: 10h30-12h30 Lecture and Q&A session
           14h30-16h30 Practical exercise
Doctoral Course of Cognitive Science - PhD Workshop
Within the MIUR programme framework “Dipartimenti di Eccellenza”
Speaker: Christopher D. Chambers - Cardiff University, UK
Scientific coordinator: Elena Maria Rusconi


Registration required by Fri 8 Nov 2019
Please send an e-mail (subject “Workshop Chambers”) to phd.dipsco [at] (subject: Workshop%20Chambers)


This workshop will introduce attendees to the concept and application of Registered Reports — a type of empirical article offered by academic journals that is designed to reward transparency and openness in research (for details see and recent overview at In contrast to conventional research articles, Registered Reports are peer reviewed before results of a research study are known to the authors, and usually before the results even exist. Detailed research proposals that meet high standards of theoretical or applied value and methodological rigour are then accepted in advance, with final acceptance guaranteed regardless of the results provided researchers adhere to their approved protocol and conduct the research to a high standard. This model of publishing eliminates bias against negative (or null) results, and also makes clear the distinction between confirmatory hypothesis testing and exploratory post hoc analysis.  
The workshop will include an introduction to the Registered Reports format, including how it solves various problems in research and publishing, the benefits it brings to authors in terms of efficiency and visibility, and update on wider impacts and available journals, and anticipating answers to frequently asked questions. After the opportunity for an in-depth Q&A, attendees will perform a practical exercise in small groups to develop and communicate their own preregistered protocol using a Registered Report planner available for download here: It is recommended that attendees complete this template in advance of the workshop using an example from their own research (ideally a study being planned but it could be one that is already completed if no such plan is available). Attendees are invited to send their templates to Elena Rusconi (elena.rusconi [at] by Mon 4th November for personalised feedback from the speaker in advance of the workshop, increasing the value of the practical exercise.
About the Speaker: Chris Chambers is a professor of cognitive neuroscience at Cardiff University and co-founder of Registered Reports. He is chair of the Registered Reports committee supported by the Center for Open Science and currently serves as Registered Reports editor at journals including BMJ Open Science, Collabra: Psychology, Cortex, European Journal of Neuroscience, NeuroImage, PLOS Biology, and Royal Society Open Science. He also serves on the Advisory Board of Nature Human Behaviour and helped establish their Registered Reports format.