Conference / Meeting

Exploring the brain and academic career paths: magnetic resonance imaging and choosing a PhD

9 May 2023
Start time 
6:00 pm
Collegio Clesio - Via Santa Margherita 13, Trento
Seminar Room
Target audience: 
UniTrento students

This Clesio presentation that is part of UniTN's Strategic Internationalization plan. The presentation will be divided into two parts:

  • Part I:  "Beyond the Surface: Discovering the Inner Workings of the Brain with Magnetic Resonance Imaging".
    First, we'll take a beginner's introduction to how the MRI technique works (no knowledge of physics needed!). Then we'll explore a bit of what we've learned from MRI so far, and what are some of the advantages and limitations of this amazing imaging technique.
  • Part II: "To PhD or not to PhD: An open discussion about choosing an academic path".
    The idea is to present to you what are the advantages and disadvantages of doing a PhD, to share my (very short) experience in the academic field, and to have an interactive discussion about the most common questions to decide which way to go after a master's degree.

Greatings and introduction:

  • Professor Jorge Jovicich


  • Milena Capiglioni, PhD candidate, University of Bern, Switzerland.