Efficiency and energy saving in water supply system

Sesto seminario
8 July 2015
9 July 2015
July 8-9, 2015
Segreteria seminario

Sig.ra Elena Uber
dicam [at] unitn.it

Venue: Dipartimento di Ingegneria Civile, Ambientale e Meccanica dell’Università di Trento, Via Mesiano 77 - Trento

The first five editions of the seminar have been held every two years, from 2003 to 2007 at the University of Perugia, in 2009 at the Second University of Naples and in 2011 at La Sapienza - University of Rome (ACEA Center), with a large participation of researchers and technicians employed by managing and control bodies.

The aim of the sixth edition, after the interruption due to the organization of the international conferences "Computing and Control for the Water Industry - CCWI2013" (Perugia, 2013) and "Water Distribution System Analysis - WDSA2014" (Bari, 2014), is to explore the issues relating to the management of pipeline systems (e.g. reduction of water losses, hydroelectric production in water systems) in order to increase their efficiency and to decrease the economic and management impact.

In 2015, the sixth edition of the seminar is organized in collaboration by the University of Trento and Perugia, with the support of the “Centro Studi Sistemi Idrici”, the Italian Hydraulic Association, FederUtility, Dolomiti Reti (TN) and the Department of Civil and Environmental Mechanics of the University of Trento, which will host the event.

As with the previous editions, the seminar is aimed at all those who are involved in the design of water systems and in the management of water and energy resources, which are more and more closely related to each other: from purveyance of the resource, to its distribution and use, taking into account also the energy that can be simultaneously saved or produced. Contributions are expected to be in reference both to innovative techniques and to case studies of achievements that occurred recently or about to be applied.

Registration to the seminar

Online registration procedure (free) will open soon.


Abstract submission: June 15, 2015
Notification of abstract acceptance: June 30, 2015
Registration: July 3, 2015


Wednesday, July 8
14.30 Registration
15.00 Opening remarks
15.15 I° Report
16.45 Coffee break
17.00 I° Report 
18.30 I° Day closure
20.00 Social dinner
Thursday, July 9
9.00 Registration
9.30 II° Session
11.00 coffee break
11.15 II° Session
12.45 Lunch
14.00 CSSI Meeting with proposal of modifications to the statute
16.00 Best paper award 
16.30 Closing remarks

Abstract submission

The abstract, maximum 1 page with authors' names, institution, logo, e-mail address and basic bibliography, has to be sent to sistemi.idrici [at] unitn.it or directly to Paolo Bertola (paolo.bertola [at] unitn.it) and Bruno Brunone (bruno.brunone [at] unitn.it). 

The Scientific committee will examine the abstracts, in order to select which ones will be included in the program.

The best paper presented by postgraduate students and PhD students will receive a special award.  

Scientific committee

M. Ferrante e M. Righetti (coordinators),
S. Alvisi, L. Berardi, C. Bragalli, A. Carravetta, C. Di Cristo, A. Di Nardo, R. Ermini, A. Fiorini Morosini, A. Fortunato, R. Gargano, D. Laucelli, A. Leopardi, S. Meniconi, M. Nicolini, D. Termini, R. Ugarelli, F. Volpi.

Organizing committee

P. Bertola, B. Brunone, G. de Marinis, M. Franchini, O. Giustolisi, R. Guercio, F. Bosco, R. Drusiani, D. Alessandrini, M. Frisinghelli.