1st Consortium Assembly
29 October 2018
30 October 2018
31 October 2018
29-31 October, 2018

Venue: Trento, Trentino School of Management, via G. Giusti, 40


Human wellbeing strongly depends on the goods and services provided by the natural environment. Among other biomes, forests supply a wide array of key ecosystem services ranging from timber provision to water purification, from soil stabilization to aesthetic value.

The InnoForESt Project (Smart information, governance and business innovations for sustainable supply and payment mechanisms for forest ecosystem services) aims to foster a transformation of the European forest sector by steering policies towards cross sectoral coordination, to establish new alliances among key policy, management and business stakeholders in the forestry sector, and to demonstrate the viability of alternative income streams from forest ecosystem services

InnoForESt is funded by the EU Horizon2020 programme and sees the participation of the Department of Civil, Environmental and Mechanical Engineering of UNITN.

On 28-31 October 2018, Trento will host the 1st Consortium Assembly of InnoForESt.
This will be an opportunity to: verify the status and challenges of the project with the steering committee (October 28th); share project updates among all partners (October 29th and 31st); and visit Primiero, one of the project’s case study areas (October 30th).

application/pdfInno4Est Tentative program(PDF | 91 KB)