9 March 2016
9 marzo 2016
2 p.m.
Department of Civil, Environmental and Mechanical Engineering, via Mesiano 77 , Trento  - Room 2F

Information day for the students on the energy engineering theme.

It is observed with more frequently the need to reconcile the production /conversion of energy with a reduced impact on the surrounding environment in order to facilitate the correct insertion of the energy systems in the territory, in order to meet their needs, but at the same time to minimize the negative effects on the environment and on humans.

Modern technologies always provide new opportunities to respond, to various levels, to this need through innovative solutions, which may include the optimization of the distribution networks, the use of renewable energy sources, the construction of plants and systems that implement processes more efficient, the use of more appropriate and efficient materials.

The Master of Science in Energy Engineering, offered jointly by the University of Trento and Bolzano, is intended to prepare engineers able to meet these challenges and implement these solutions.



14.00 – Presentation of the day by the speakers

Prof. Paolo Baggio, Department of Civil, Environmental and Mechanical Engineering (
Prof. Dino Zardi, Department of Civil, Environmental and Mechanical Engineering (

14.10 – Seminar: “Energy recovery from waste and waste water: the experiences of Eco center S.p.A. and future opportunities”

Dott. Marco Palmitano - General Director of Eco Center S.p.A. -


15.00 – Students questions
15.10 – Speech: "Energy conversion systems from biomass and wastes: role and contribution of the Energetic Engineer for the system design and its proper management"

Prof. Marco Baratieri - Free Universrsity of Bolzen-Bolzano

15.20 – Students questions
3.30 p.m. – Presentation of the Energy Engeenering Master

Prof. Paolo Baggio

3.45 p.m. – Students questions
4 p.m.  – Conclusions