Visualisation, modelling and materials science of the additive manufacturing process

June, 29
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Venue: Department of Industrial Engineering, Girasole room, via Sommarive 9, Povo - Trento, h: 14:00 - 15:30

  • Dr. DANIEL EAST, Director CSIRO Lab22, Melbourne – Australia


CSIRO Lab22 is an open access research lab that is accelerating the use of additive manufacturing within Australian industry. In addition to application focused work CSIRO also conducts research in the inspection of built parts and the modelling of the additive manufacturing process.

This presentation will highlight our work in X-ray tomography and data confined reconstructions of 3D printed parts. It will also describe the modelling work that we have undertaken to understand and predict the additive processes. Parameter optimisation of additive manufacturing for various alloy systems is another active research area at CSIRO.


Dr. D. East received his PhD in Materials Engineering in 2016 from the Monash University. He is currently acting director of Lab22 of the Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation, Australian Government (CSIRO).







Convenors: Matteo Leoni (DICAM), Matteo Benedetti (DII)