Google will never hire me!

ICT Days pre-event
24 February 2022
Start time 
5:00 pm
Department of Information Engineering and Computer Science
Target audience: 
UniTrento students
Free – Registration required
Registration deadline: 
23 February 2022, 13:00
Fabrizio Waldner and Cristian Burrini - Google


Google will never hire me!
Do you really think that? If yes, don't worry, you are not alone!

We can also bet that you think your CV is insufficient and will therefore not apply. However, be aware that a CV is not everything! There is much more to pay attention to.

We are Superheroes Valley, a non-profit community with 1300+ members.
Our mission is to prepare students for interviews at Big IT companies like Google, Amazon, Facebook and Apple.

Why do we do this? Well, because no one ever told us we can do it!
So! Did we get your hopes up? If yes, we look forward to seeing you at the event!

During this event, Superheroes Valley guests will be Fabrizio Waldner and Cristian Burrini, respectively Site Reliability Engineer (SRE) and Engineering Manager at Google. Fabrizio and Cristian will share the story of their path to Google and provide an overview of opportunities to join this large company.  Above all they care to testify that anybody with passion and motivation can enter a FAANG company and share some tips on how to do that.


  • 16:00 Presentation by SuperHeroes Valley. Speakers: Remo Andreoli, Alessandro Berti, Luca Corbucci and Eugenio Paluello
  • 16:30 Presentation by Fabrizio Waldner and Cristian Burrini - Google
  • 17:00 Q&A
  • 17:30 End

About the Speakers

Superheroes Valley

  • Remo Andreoli: PhD Student at Sant'Anna School of Advanced Studies, Co-Founder oh SuperheroesValley
  • Alessandro Berti: PhD Student at University of Pisa, Co-Founder of SuperheroesValley, Co-Host at PointerPodcast
  • Luca Corbucci:  PhD Student at University of Pisa, Co-Founder of SuperheroesValley, Co-Host at PointerPodcast
  • Eugenio Paluello: CTO atTocket, Co-Founder at SuperheroesValley, Co-Host at PointerPodcast


  • Fabrizio Waldner was born in Trento. After 3 years of bachelor and 2 years of master’s degree, he graduated in Engineering of Telecommunications at the University of Trento in 2015.
    After a few months he found a job as Unix system administrator in Phoenix Informatica Bancaria spa (then merged in Allitude spa) in Trento. After 5 years of work he realized the idea of becoming a Site Reliability Engineer and he looked for a job in this direction.
    Since August 2020, he has been working as a Site Reliability Engineer (SRE) at Google.

  • Cristian Burrini is an Italian Engineering Manager at Google. He's currently responsible for developing new functionalities of Google Cloud Website and before that he was looking after Google enormous Software Defined Network. In his past life, Cristian spent 20 years delivering software projects in the financial world and had been responsible for the development of a popular AWS cloud product (Elasticache).


Event dedicated to students and PhD students enrolled at the University of Trento.

Pre-event of the ICT Days 2022, to be held on 2-3-4 March. 

Fabrizio Waldner
Cristian Burrini