From physical to digital … and back!

How IoT and RTLS technologies are reinventing how we behave and operate in the physical world
8 November 2023
Start time 
1:30 pm
Polo Ferrari 1 - Via Sommarive 5, Povo (Trento)
Room A204
Department of Information Engineering and Computer Science
Target audience: 
University community
UniTrento students
Contact person: 
Ufficio Comunicazione DISI
Andrei Tamilin, Founder and CTO at Thinkin


At Thinkin we use Internet of Things (IoT), and in particular indoor localisation technologies, to create Digital Twins of physical spaces and deliver location-based services for different industries including retail, manufacturing, healthcare.

In this talk we will focus on manufacturing, which is still nowadays a complex puzzle, characterized by a big gap between what is planned (typically by sales with the support of digital platforms) and what is executed on the shop floor (typically by workers and production managers). Filling this gap means getting at any point in time a precise picture of the production progress, identifying deviations and bottlenecks and providing the necessary tools to immediately react, replan if not automate processes. 

This is what we do at thinkin: by tracking the whereabouts of production orders, forklifts, working tools, etc. we are able to model the production process running on the shopfloor, reconcile it with the digital realm and use AI tools to provide the optimal rescheduling of activities and suggest optimization strategies.

Working at the junction between physical and digital requires developing a comprehensive technological stack, from IoT hardware integration and system engineering to collect data, to devops to manage edge components running on premise, all the way up to cloud-managed services. Designing, implementing, operating and maintaining such systems in a B2B international scenario is what makes our day! 

Keywords: indoor localisation, Internet of Things, AI, manufacturing, process optimisation, metaverse, phygital. 


13:30 - Welcome by prof. Gian Pietro Picco, Department of Information Engineering and Computer Science
13:35 - Company presentation
13:40 - Case study presented by Andrei Tamilin, Founder and CTO at Thinkin
14:10 - Skills for the future 
14:15 - Q&A session

About the Company

Thinkin is an SME, founded in 2015, with operational headquarters in Trento, Italy, focusing on the digital transformation of physical spaces through IoT and in particular indoor localisation technologies. 
Thinkin services cover different industries, including retail, manufacturing, exhibition and healthcare, with a solid customer and partner base over different geographical markets such as Italy, Europe and North America.

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