The ICT Days, event dedicated to the broad subject of Information and Communication Technology, will be held on March the 18/19/20, 2015.
The ICT Days Preview will take place on March the 18th, from 17:00 to 20:00, at the University of Trento's Department of Sociology and Social Research.
The preview main objective will be informative, based on topics of general interest such as: The professions of the ICT, The future of digital memory and, Technology and sport.

On March the 19th-20th, the main event will take place at the Department of Information Engineering and Computer Science. Throughout the day on March the 19th several meetings dedicated to the broad subject of ICT area will be held, including: Placement Day, Passion for the ICT and the PhD Poster Session.

On March the 20th the Education Day will take place. Education Day is dedicated to prospective students and provides university orientation to high school students.

Details about the programme

For more information please visit:

ICT Days - DISI, University of Trento
Via Sommarive 5-9 - 38123 Povo Trento

Event curator:
Mirta Alberti tel. 0461 28 2092

Organising Secretariat:
Soledad Ayala tel. 0461 28 2094
Eleonora Severino tel. 0461 28 5204
E-Mail: info [at]