European Week of Dyslexia

In the schools meetings and workshops with students and teachers to know more about dyslexia

October 5-11, 2015
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The European Week of Dyslexia proposes a reflection to see the world through the eyes of a dyslexic person. Dyslexia is a neurobiological condition that makes it more difficult to read. Worldwide statistics indicate an incidence of approximately 3% in primary and secondary schools, in other European countries there are bigger, up to 10% in the United Kingdom. The psychological and social difficulties are varied and can be faced only through a conscious and involved process in which different actors contribute with their experience and knowledge.

The project was born and takes shape thanks to the meeting of two research groups of the University of Trento: InterAction Lab (Department of Information Engineering and Computer Science) and the ODF Lab (Department of Psychology and Cognitive Sciences), partly supported by the project "Educating City" (financed by MIUR, PON R&C 2007-2013), and involved a large number of actors with different skills. Clinical skills were combined with engineering in a process of social innovation that involved parents, teachers and institutions, using technology as fluid material to promote reflection and debate in order to face the difficulties related to dyslexia and strengthen the skills of all.

The Programme

In the Schools: October 5-9, from 2.00 pm to 8.00 pm

October 5    Istituto Comprensivo Rovereto Sud
October 6    Istituto Comprensivo Riva del Garda 2
October 7    Istituto Comprensivo Cles
October 8    Istituto Comprensivo Levico Terme
October 9    Istituto Comprensivo Trento 6

2.00 pm-6.00 pm   Workshops with students and teachers 

Open to the public: 
4.30 pm-8.00 pm    Technologies and informational materials
6.30 pm-8.00 pm    Only in Rovereto, Cles and Levico Terme: DSA experts meet parents 

At the MUSE: October 10-11 
10.30 am-4.00 pm    Interactive workshops to learn and play 

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