Digital Cities as Infrastructures for Smart Mobility DCSM2019

Summer School EIT Digital 2019

July 14 - 26, 2019
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Data: July 14 - July 26, 2019
Venue: Via Sommarive, 18 Povo (TN) - EIT Digital Italy

Themes included are: smart mobility and urban organization challenges for smart cities, vehicles surveillance, traffic resources optimization, digital twins for predictive maintenance, tracking and monitoring techniques for vehicles and people.

The existing gap between the research and the practical techniques will be investigated to provide industrial partners with business and entrepreneurial solutions in this field. Optimization tools, communication systems, tracking and monitoring systems, emergencies management, predictive analysis and digital twins will be the main aspects considered during the lectures. Moreover some knowledge on the social transformation and digitalization aspect will be given as a guest lecture to enlarge the participants’ view of this social change and challenge.

TRENTO, ITALY - SUMMER 2019: Application Period Closed

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Digital Cities as Infrastructures for Smart Mobility   
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