Open Hospital: The free and open source software for the management of medical records of third world countries Hospitals

DISI Industrial Workshops Series
24 February 2021
24 February 2021
Where: Zoom Platform
Time: 1.30 - 2.30



Intesys supports and promotes a HIS (health information system) project in Headless + Frontend (React) architecture carried out by its internal Designers and Developers through open-source tools and technologies. The system will be used in the Hospitals created by Informatici Senza Frontiere, a group of volunteers that works on digital projects inspired by democracy against the digital divide. 


Free participation upon registration online by 23 February. Register here.

About the Company

Intesys, Digital Company of Verona founder of the Global Compact Network Italy, is a tech agency that integrates strategic digital marketing skills, design, and technological skills to offer its clients concrete digital relationship management advantage, aiming to provide them with new elements of competitiveness.
Since 1995, it has been a reliable partner for its clients by creating value with the implementation of management digital marketing projects, brand sites, portals, and e-commerce projects, promoting social media activities, and developing enterprise software, systems, application integration, and service-oriented architectures.
With more than 90 employees and 3 active Information & Communication Technology companies, Intesys is, currently, a reference player in the major fields of digital operating: technologies, digital design, digital marketing, mobile, networking, and document management.

DISI Industrial Workshops: A series of Workshops dedicated to technologies, methodologies and case studies by leading companies aimed to bring students closer to today's real business world. 

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