Quadratic sieve – From Fermat’s method, to quadratic sieve and some of its variants

14 May 2018
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Luogo: Dipartimento di Matematica, via Sommarive, 14 - Povo (TN) - Aula Seminari "-1"
Ore: 9:30


  • Federico Mazzone (Studente del percorso di eccellenza in Matematica)


In this seminar, after a brief introduction on factorization algorithms for integers, we are going to describe Fermat's factorization method, then we are going to discuss the main theme: the quadratic sieve. We will end up with some improvements to the latter and some additional results. Although we are going to look at some code, we will treat the algorithms in question in a more than a descriptive way. We are only going to discuss computational complexity in the quadratic sieve case.

Referente: Stefano Baratella