The Kodaira dimension of moduli of curves with spin and principal bundles

26 March 2019
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Venue: Dipartimento di Matematica, via Sommarive, 14 - Povo (TN) - Sala Seminari "-1"
At: 11:00


  • Mattia Francesco Galeotti (UniTrento - Dipartimento di Matematica)


In the recent period, a series of papers carried out a deep analysis of the singular locus of the moduli space of stable (twisted) curves with an ℓ-torsion line bundle. This opens the way to a computation of the Kodaira dimension without desingularizing, as done by Farkas and Ludwig for ℓ=2, and by Chiodo, Eisenbud, Farkas and Schreyer for ℓ=3.
We can generalize these works in two directions. At first we treat roots of line bundles on the universal curve systematically: we consider the moduli space of curves C with a line bundle L such that Lk.
Furthermore, we treat moduli spaces of curves with a G-cover, where G is any finite group. In particular for G=S3 we prove that the moduli space is of general type for odd genus >11.
To analyze canonical and non-canonical singularities, we provide a set of combinatorial tools allowing the description of the singular locus via the dual graphs of curves.

Contact person: Claudio Fontanari