Curves and Surfaces

A History of Shapes

2-6 September 2019
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The school will be held in the conference hall of the Bellavista Relax Hotel in Levico Terme (Trento).
Participants will be lodged in the same hotel.


This school is inspired by the work of Guido Castelnuovo and Federigo Enriques, two of the main protagonists of the so-called Italian school of Algebraic Geometry, who established, between the 19th and the 20th century the classification of algebraic surfaces and introduced powerful ideas and tools to study algebraic curves. We want to explore the huge heritage of these mathematicians of the past and connect it to contemporary mathematical research.


We will have three mini-courses given by experts:

Implicit representations of rational curves and surfaces 

by Laurent Busé (Inria, France)

The $P_12$-theorem: an introduction to the classification of algebraic surfaces via its historical development

by Fabrizio Catanese (University of Bayreuth, Germany)

Linear systems of hypersurfaces and beyond 

by Elisa Postinghel (University of Loughborough, United Kingdom)

There will be an additional "Historical Lecture" on the intellectual figure of Guido Castelnuovo and his mathematical work

by Claudio Fontanari (University of Trento, Italy) 

Moreover, we will have exercise sessions, reading of original literature, software tutorials, and more.


  • Matteo Gallet (SISSA)
  • Kathlén Kohn (U. of Oslo)
  • Alessandro Oneto (OvGU Magdeburg)
  • Marta Panizzut (TU Berlin)
  • Emanuele Ventura (Texas A&MU)

Scientific Committee

  • Giorgio Ottaviani (U. di Firenze)
  • Ragni Piene (U. of Oslo)
  • Bernd Sturmfels (UC Berkeley and MPI Leipzig)


time2019curvesandsurfaces [at]