An optimal visiting mean field game problem

The event will take place online through the ZOOM platform

27 March 2020
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Venue: The event will take place online through the ZOOM platform. To attend it, use the link and the following access codes:

Meeting ID: 455 516 299
Password: 018744

At: 15.00 


  • Fabio Bagagiolo (Università di Trento)    
  • Luciano Marzufero (Università di Trento)


A very large number of agents want to visit a finite number of sites avoiding queues and congested spots as more as possible. The problem is modeled as a mean field game problem where the population of agents is split, at every instant, into several populations labelled by the "string" of the already visited sites. From an analytical point of view, this is realized by a suitable system of Hamilton-Jacobi equations (or quasi-variational inequalities) and transport (conservation laws-like) equations. The seminar will possibly end with some difficulties on the analytical model that we have encountered (and not completely solved yet), but a first introductory part will try to explain the model and its analytical representation, in a possibly rather intuitive way.  

Contact person: Fabio Bagagiolo