Nova Initia - Lectio Brevis

Benvenuto ai colleghi di Dipartimento

September 30, 2020
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Wednesday, September 30

Venue: Room A108 PoloFerrari1 and ZOOM (please contact dept.math [at] to get the password)

Starting from 2pm


  • Giovanni Andrea Prodi

Per Aspera ad Astra

  • Veronica Vinciotti

Network science with applications

  • Silvio Ranise

Formal Methods for the Security Analysis of Authentication and Authorization Solutions

  • Nadir Murru

Tra teoria dei numeri e applicazioni

  • Robert Nürnberg

Numerics for Free Boundary Problems: Me and my research

  • Lucas Omar Muller

Towards real-life haemodynamics (via mathematical modelling and numerical analysis)


Starting from 4pm

  • Andrea Marchese

Singular structures in the geometry of measures

  • Gian Paolo Leonardi

A voyage in the land of geometric variational problems,
and beyond...

  • Marco Bonacini

Modelli variazionali con discontinuità libera

  • Luigi Amedeo Bianchi

Stochastische Fluiddynamik

  • Alessandro Oneto

Tensori in valigia

  • Elisa Postinghel

Un viaggio geometrico tra Trento e l’Europa