International Scientific Workshop on Challenges of Sustainable Education

11 June 2024
12 June 2024
School Of Innovation - Via Tommaso Gar, 16/2 - Trento
Aula S-M
Department of Physics
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General public
University community
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The workshop is dedicated to exploring the crucial role of education in realizing the UN's 2030 Agenda for sustainable development. The Agenda emphasizes the need for educational institutions to renew their approaches to foster citizens' development and engage youth as key decision-makers in achieving goals like Climate Action (Goal 13). This entails adopting innovative teaching methods to promote scientific literacy while encouraging active participation in sustainability efforts. Combating climate misinformation through media engagement emerges as an urgent priority in sustainable education, representing a crucial frontier for immediate action while Climate psychology offers insights into motivating collective action and addressing barriers to behavioural change. Additionally, gender equality (Goal 5) in education is highlighted as essential for social sustainability, yet progress in this area remains inadequate. Finally, tackling educational poverty (Goal 4) is another critical aspect, with efforts needed to bridge disparities globally.

The workshop sessions are open to public participation, and educators from all levels of schooling are invited to attend.

The invaluable insights and research shared by participants at the conference will form an integral part of the Conference Proceedings Book, which will be edited by Casa Editrice Università degli Studi di Trento.

Selected contributions will also be considered for publication in expanded form, free of charge, on the joint special issue appearing on the journals Sustainability and Education Sciences edited by MDPI.


The following topics are covered during the workshop:

  • Challenges and Future Trends of Sustainable Environmental Education
  • Sustainability Competencies: the Role of Science Education Research
  • The importance of scientific literacy in fostering education for sustainability
  • Educational perspectives on decision making for a sustainable future
  • Gender equality and diversity in Education: a goal of social sustainability
  • Climate psychology and Education: motivating people to get engaged in sustainability
  • Sustainable education: tackling educational poverty
  • Tackling climate mis/disinformation: ‘An urgent frontier for action’ in sustainable education


Stefano Oss (University of Trento)
Massimiliano Malgieri (University of Pavia)
Giulia Tasquier (University of Bologna)
Marta Carli (University of Padova)
Giacomo Bozzo (University of Calabria)
Claudio Fazio (University of Palermo and PLS)
Silvia Galano (University of Napoli)
Francesca Forno (University of Trento)


Marco Di Mauro (University of Trento)
Camilla Fiorello (University of Trento)
Lorenzo Miani (University of Bologna)
Emma D'Orto (University of Bologna)
Stefano Toffaletti (University of Trento)
Alessandro Salmoiraghi (University of Trento)
Anna Castiglione (University of Trento)
Eva Elisa Dryden Silva (University of Padova)
Giancarlo Artiano (University of Campania "Luigi Vanvitelli”)
Eugenio Tufino (University of Trento)

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The event has obtained the label Eco-Eventi Trentino:

 This workshop is organized according to its inspiring principles, with sustainable and ecological solutions chosen in many key aspects, such as:

  • Only digital material, no printed paper;
  • No gadgets
  • Only free tap water, no plastic bottles
  • Catering with local products, avoiding food waste and disposable tableware; vegetarian choices always available
  • Waste sorting

The result of this approach has been the award of the Eco Eventi Trentino label from the Provincial Agency of Environmental Protection (APPA).