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X Assemblea del Dipartimento di Fisica

13 June 2024
"Sala Conferenze di Trento/Rovereto della Fondazione Caritro, via Calepina 1, 38122 Trento
Dipartimento di Fisica
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3 June 2024, 12:00
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Segreteria di Direzione del Dipartimento di Fisica
+39 0461 281504-1575-2042-1219

9.00 Istitutional Greetings   

          Flavio Deflorian, Rector of the University of Trento  


          Gianluca Lattanzi,
director of the Department of Physics
          Damiano Avi, PTA representative
          Gianmarco Puleo, the representative of Students/staff
          Elena Fogazzi - Ahmed Emadeldin Sayed Nosseir, the representative PhD Students 
          Clara Zaccaria, the representative of the research fellows



11.15 Lectio Magistralis

Gian Francesco Giudice, CERN Department of Theoretical Physics

"The quantum universe"

Theoretical advances in cosmology and particle physics, combined with astronomical observations of astonishing precision, are providing us with an increasingly convincing picture of the earliest stages of the universe. This fascinating research not only reveals the evolutionary processes of cosmic history, but demonstrates the profound unity of the fundamental laws of the tiny and the immense, which concur in creating the complexity of physical reality. Quantum mechanics and general relativity come together in shaping that mixture of space, time and matter that we call the universe. We truly live in a quantum universe.



2.30 pm     World Cafè (is reserved for the department's afferents upon reservation)

The following topics will be discussed:
bachelor's degree course in physics
master's degree course in physics
doctoral course in Physics
doctoral course of national interest in Space Science and Technology
communication and relations with schools
gender issue
third mission statement
teaching laboratories
technical services
administrative services





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