Theoretical motivations for a light boson and its phenomenology

4 June 2024
Start time 
3:30 pm
PovoZero - Via Sommarive 14, Povo (Trento)
Conference Room "Graziano Fortuna" - TIFPA
Trento Institute for Fundamental Physics and Applications
Target audience: 
University community
Contact person: 
Prof. Sunny Vagnozzi
Contact details: 
Department of Physics Secretariat
+39 0461 281504


Prof. Luca Visinelli - Tsung-Dao Lee Institute e Shanghai Jiao Tong University


The physics beyond the Standard Model (BSM) could be represented by a hidden sector at relatively low energy scales and feeble couplings to SM. The presence of light bosons related to this hidden sector in our Universe could be revealed both through direct detection and indirect evidences over cosmological and astrophysical considerations.

Here, I give an overview of these BSM models including axions and hidden photons and discuss future progresses

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