Hydrodynamics from Dynamical Non-equilibrium Molecular Dynamics

24 January 2018 - at 14.30
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Venue: Room A207 , Polo Ferrari1
At: 14.30

  • Prof. Giovanni Ciccotti - Institute for Applied Mathematics "Mauro Picone" (IAC), CNR, Roma; Università di Roma “La Sapienza”; School of Physics, University College of Dublin


Our starting point will be the relationship between hydrodynamics from the macroscopic continuum point of view and its atomistic interpretation in statistical mechanical terms.
Then we extend stationary state (equilibrium and nonequilibrium) Molecular Dynamics to time dependent situations, including response and relaxation. We call the procedure Dynamical Non-Equilibrium Molecular Dynamics (D-NEMD), to distinguish it from standard NEMD, rigorously useful only to simulate stationary nonequilibrium states. It is, in essence, a generalization of linear response theory. The idea, formulated by Onsager in the thirties in metaphysical language, has received a solid foundation in the fifties by the work of Kubo (in the linear and nonlinear regimes). Adapted to MD simulations by G.Jacucci , I.R.Mac Donald and myself in the seventies, it has been baptized as the (nonlinear) Kubo-Onsager relation, connecting dynamical nonequilibrium averages or dynamical relaxations to initial distribution which can be sampled in MD by stationary processes. Finally we go back to hydrodynamics, to illustrate the method, by studying the hydrodynamic relaxation of an interface between two immiscible liquids.